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Posted November 9, 2013

International Puppy Contest announces its big move to St. Louis, MO to the Bad Dog Bar & Grill July 17th - 20th, 2014.

Sir Joseph Mastrapasqua Co-Owner made 2 huge announcements  today during International Puppy 2014 Contest. First was that International Puppy Contest had taken on a 3rd Owner - PapaWoof  Roth.  We wish him the best of luck! The second announcement was quite huge.  International Puppy Contest (IPC) was moving to St. Louis, MO.  This will make St. Louis's first International Contest.  Where is it being held you ask? At the Famous "Bad Dog Bar & Grill".  It was stated that they would be there for the next 5 years 2014 - 2019. What are the Dates?  July 17-20, 2014.  Because IPC will be standing on its own they went to a 4 day event.

Posted June 16, 2013
Attention Pups, Trainers, Handlers and those that support them!!!!  The International Puppy Contest will be holding its 2013 Contest November 8 – 10, 2013 at the Flamingo Resort in St. Petersburg, FL during Tampa Bay Leather n Fetish Pride Event.

Admission is FREE
Parking is FREE

ALL Puppies from anywhere in the world (Leather, Rubber, or whatever) are welcomed to compete in our contest without going through a feeder contest.

Contestant Application Fee is only $10.00 to compete in the contest and the Winner gets:
 - Title of International Puppy 2014
 - Winners Patch
 - Medallion
 - Travel Fund to come back the following year for their Step Down and be a Judge
 - Cash Prize
 - And other Prizes

REMEMBER: ALL pups can compete no matter if you are part of a feeder contest or not!!!!

If you're interested in starting your own puppy contest or adding a puppy category to your existing contest and becoming a feeder for IPC, contact Pup Gadget on Facebook!

Posted June 7, 2013
We have approached Brenda Cothern to write a new book on Puppy Play.  She has agreed to take on the task and has already started working on it.  If you have any information or stories about puppy play that you would like to share with her, you can contact her on Facebook, Her user name is Brenda Cothern-Books.

Posted June 7, 2013
The First Annual Northwest Puppy Contest will be held this year at The Cuff Complex in Seattle, WA on July 20, 2013! Come one and all to the event! WOOF!

Posted June 7, 2013
The International Puppy and Trainer Contest is open to all attendees of the Beyond Vanilla host event. This partnership allows for everyone to enjoy not only our fantastic contest, but the numerous workshops, classes, discussion forums, parties, and wonderful vendor space that will be included in the event package. By registering for Beyond Vanilla you are automatically entitled to attend all IPTC related events. As an additional gesture of our cooperation, Beyond Vanilla has extended this special offer to all contest-goers.

Use coupon code BV23IPTC at the registration link below to save $15 off your package cost!  The basic registration is $110 + Parking. Take advantage of this generosity before the end of June, though, when this offer expires on June 30th!